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Liquid Biopsies

We perform therapy relevant EGFR mutation detection on circulating tumor-DNA (ctDNA) from plasma of NSCLC patients using high sensitive parallel sequencing (NGS).

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Liquid Biopsies

Since the approval of the tyrosine kinase Inhibitor (TKI) Osimertinib for treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with advanced tumor stage, we offer EGFR T790M mutation detection for liquid biopsies.

Liquid biopsies allow mutation detection by means of cell free, circulating tumor-DNA (ctDNA), they are minimal-invasive and can be an alternative to tissue biopsies.

⇒ Please note: Important for a reliable analysis is the information about the primary EGFR mutation (see request form)

Examples from Practice

Primary mutation detection in liquid biopsy: Sequencing data analysis showing the primary EGFR deletion (p.E746_A750delELREA, exon 19) detected in the liquid biopsy with 22% allele frequency.
Resistance mutation detection in liquid biopsy: Sequening data showing additionally the EGFR p.T790M resistance mutation with 3% allele frequency.