Working Group: Experimental Hematopathology

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"Experimental Hematopathology"

The working group "Experimental Hematopathology" was created from the reference and competence center for Hematopathology, Charité and represents the basic science oriented part. The aims of our group are (i) the elucidation of mechanisms that lead to the development of malignant lymphomas, (ii) the molecular subclassification of malignant lymphomas, and (iii) the identification of molecular changes that are useful as therapeutic targets. Various methods and model systems are used to achieve these goals, allowing the presentation of genome-wide expression patterns, global transcription factor binding sites and the encoding of the nucleic acid sequence of the complete human genome. Our work has led to many important insights and for the future we expect an important contribution of our working group to important molecular results that can be more and more clinical reality of personalized medicine for malignant lymphomas.

Prof. Dr. Michael Hummel