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Pooled Single Cell Profiling for Oncogene Co-operativity in CRISPR-modified Colorectal Cancer Organoids


scRNA-Seq allows to identify the transcriptional footprint of oncogenes at single cell resolution

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Project description

Single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-Seq) has not only expanded our understanding of cell heterogeneity, but also provides new opportunities for large-scale functional studies. For this, scRNA-Seq can be combined with CRISPR in applications to allow a cell-by-cell readout of genetic loss- or gain-of-function. Here, we propose to combine scRNA-Seq with transgenic overexpression of oncogenes in colorectal (cancer) organoids to our understanding of oncogene co-operativity and co-operative effect on clonal fitness, tumor cell developmental trajectories and therapeutic profile. 

This project is funded by DKTK (Deutsches Konsortium für translationale Krebsforschung)

Project partner

  • Nils Blüthgen
  • Markus Morkel


Francisca Böhning (PhD student)