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The Team of the research group Molecular Tumor Pathology

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The members of the international research group

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christine Sers

Group leader

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Deputy Group Leader

PD Dr. rer. nat. Markus Morkel

Senior Scientist

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Scientific Staff


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Ph.D. Students

M.Sc. Yan Ming Ching

Ph.D. Student - Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Frauenkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.
M.Sc. Teresa Börding

Ph.D. Student - Sander-Stiftung - Prof. Dr. med. David Horst

Laboratory Technicians

Cornelia Gieseler

Technical Assistant

Tobias Janik

Lab Technician - Sander-Stiftung - Prof. Dr. med. David Horst

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Männerkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.