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Cancer Genomics

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Cancer beyond organ and tissue specificity



Nearest mutational neighbor diagram showing similarities across entities for 14 major cancer types from the TCGA somatic mutations data sets. Parabolic or "hill-like" regions show the tumors that have their nearest mutational neighbor within the same tumor entity whereas chords connecting two different cancer types indicate that the respective tumors have their nearest neighbor in a different tumor entity.

BRCA: breast cancer; LUSC: squamous cell lung cancer; LUAD: lung adenocarcinoma; OV: ovarian cancer; GBM: gliobastoma; THCA: thyroid cancer; SKCM: melanoma; HNSC: head&neck squamous cell carcinoma; STAD: gastric adenocarcinoma; READ: rectal adenocarcinoma; AML: acute myeloid leucemia; COAD: colon adenocarcinoma; UCEC: uterine corpus endometrial carcinoma; KIRC: renal cell carcinoma.