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Journalbeiträge 1987

aus dem Institut für Pathologie.

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  1. Behrens-Baumann W., Uter W., Vogel M. & Ansorg R.:
    [Animal experiment model of keratomycosis]
    Klin Monatsbl Augenh: 190(6) 496-500, 1987
  2. Bollmann R., Schilling H., Mau H., Abet L., Zienert A., Hufnagel U. & Rudolph B.:
    [Perinatal medicine study group. Diagnosis and therapy of ventral schistasis]
    Zentralbl Gynakol.: 109(19) 1161-9, 1987
  3. Burckhardt G., Zimmer C. & Baguley B.:
    Binding of nonintercalative antitumor drugs to DNA-polymers: structural effects of bisquaternary ammonium heterocycles.
    J Biomol Struct Dyn: 4(5) 813-31, 1987
  4. Chmielewski G. & Vogel M.:
    Morphometrische Untersuchungen zur Entwicklung des menschlichen Pankreas von der 12. bis zur 30. Schwangerschaftswoche am Mesenchym, Parenchym, Inseln und freien Zellgruppen
    Verh Dtsch Ges Pathol.: 71 89-91, 1987
  5. Dolmierski R., Droszcz J., Maslowski J., Matousek M. & Petersen I.:
    EEG changes measured by spectrum analysis under hyperbaric conditions.
    Bull Inst Marit Trop Med Gdynia.: 38(1-2) 50-8, 1987
  6. Ehret G., Koch M., Haack B. & Markl H.:
    Sex and parental experience determine the onset of an instinctive behavior in mice.
    Naturwissenschaften: 74(1) 47, 1987
  7. Ermisch A., Bigl H., Koch M., Barth T. & Sterba G.:
    Improved behavioral performance of rats after pre- and postnatal administration of vasopressin.
    Exp Clin Endocrinol.: 90(1) 17-25, 1987
  8. Essfeld D., Hoffmann U. & Stegemann J.:
    VO2 kinetics in subjects differing in aerobic capacity: investigation by spectral analysis.
    Eur J Appl Physiol O: 56(5) 508-15, 1987
  9. Fernandez-Britto J.E., Carlevaro P.V., Bacallao J., Koch A.S. & Guski H.:
    The lesional state vector: a new approach to characterize atherosclerotic lesions.
    Zentralbl Allg Pathol.: 133(4) 361-8, 1987
  10. Graf H., Koch E.M., Haffner T. & Hoffmann K.:
    [Relation between the sum of breadths of the lower and upper incisors?]
    Stomatol DDR.: 37(7) 413-6, 1987
  11. Gutschmidt S., Sandforth F., Janicke I., Luders C.J., Niedobitek F., Stein H., Stolpmann H.J., Vogel M. & Riecken E.O.:
    Inzidenz der einheimischen Sprue in Berlin (West). Eine retrospektive Untersuchung anhand bioptischer Befunde
    Z Gastroenterol: 25(10) 662-7, 1987
  12. Harbott J., Budde M., Creutzig U., Engel R., Fengler R., Rudolph B. & Lampert F.:
    Prognostic meaning of chromosome aberrations in acute lymphocytic leukemia and acute nonlymphocytic leukemia patients of the BFM Study Group.
    Hamatol Bluttransfus.: 30 497-503, 1987
  13. Hoffmann U., Buss J., Voigtlaender V., Berlit P., Bernbeck U. & Heene D.:
    Hereditary angioedema and aortitis.
    Klin Wochenschr: 65(18) 885-7, 1987
  14. Hoffmann U. & Siegert E.:
    Atrial and ventricular myosins from human hearts. I. Isoenzyme distribution during development and in the adult.
    Basic Res Cardiol: 82(4) 348-58, 1987
  15. Koch M.:
    Decline in carcinoma of the cervix [letter]
    Am J Public Health: 77(7) 879, 1987
  16. Koch M. & Hill G.B.:
    Problems in establishing accurate family history in patients with ovarian cancer of epithelial origin.
    Cancer Detect Prev: 10(3-4) 279-83, 1987
  17. Luck G., Reinert K.E., Baguley B. & Zimmer C.:
    Interaction of the nonintercalative antitumour drugs SN-6999 and SN-18071 with DNA: influence of ligand structure on the binding specificity.
    J Biomol Struct Dyn: 4(6) 1079-94, 1987
  18. Martin H., Voss K., Hufnagl P., Wack R. & Wassilew G.:
    Morphometric and densitometric investigations of protoplasmic astrocytes and neurons in human hepatic encephalopathy.
    Exp Pathol.: 32(4) 241-50, 1987
  19. Matuschka F.R.:
    Reptiles as intermediate and/or final hosts of Sarcosporidia.
    Adv Enzymol Ramb: 73(1) 22-32, 1987
  20. Matuschka F.R. & Bannert B.:
    Cannibalism and autotomy as predator-prey relationship for monoxenous Sarcosporidia.
    Parasitol Res: 74(1) 88-93, 1987
  21. Matuschka F.R., Heydorn A.O., Mehlhorn H., Abd-Al-Aal Z., Diesing L. & Biehler A.:
    Experimental transmission of Sarcocystis muriviperae n. sp. to laboratory mice by sporocysts from the Palestinian viper (Vipera palaestinae): a light and electron microscope study.
    J Orofac Orthop: 73(1) 33-40, 1987
  22. Matuschka F.R., Mehlhorn H. & Abd-Al-Aal Z.:
    Replacement of Besnoitia Matuschka and Hafner 1984 by Sarcocystis hoarensis.
    Parasitol Res: 74(1) 94-6, 1987
  23. Pauli G., Hausmann E., Weiss R., Clapham P., Schneider J., Hunsmann G., Gallo R.C., Daniel M.D., Koch M.A. & Gelderblom H.:
    LAV/HTLV-III: fine-structure analysis, localization of structural proteins, and detection of envelope antigens by patient sera.
    Hamatol Bluttransfus.: 31 407-9, 1987
  24. Pfeilschifter J., Wuster C., Vogel M., Enderes B., Ziegler R. & Minne H.W.:
    Inflammation-mediated osteopenia (IMO) during acute inflammation in rats is due to a transient inhibition of bone formation.
    Calcified Tissue Int: 41(6) 321-5, 1987
  25. Reszka R., Fichtner I., Nissen E., Arndt D. & Ladhoff A.M.:
    Preparation, characterization, therapeutic efficacy and toxicity of liposomes, containing the antitumour drug cis-dichlorodiamineplatinum(II).
    J Microencapsul: 4(3) 201-12, 1987
  26. Schäfer, R.:
  27. Suppression of the neoplastic phenotype and "anti-oncogenes".

    Blut. 1987;54:257-65.

  28. Schafer, R., Geisse, S., Willecke, K.:
  29. Suppression of tumorigenicity in somatic cell hybrids does not involve quantitative changes in transcription of cellular Ha-ras, Ki-ras, myc, and fos oncogenes.

    J Cell Biochem. 1987;34:31-8.

  30. Schmidt H., Hjorth N. & Holm P.:
    Domoprednate, a new nonhalogenated topical steroid: comparison to hydrocortisone butyrate.
    Dermatologica.: 175(3) 145-7, 1987
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    [Intraductal juvenile papillomatosis of the breast]
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    Induction and circumvention of nitrate tolerance applying different dosage intervals.
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  33. Simma M. & Vogel M.:
    Eine kyematopathologische Untersuchung perinataler Todesfälle
    Z Geburtshilfe Perinatol: 191(1) 7-11, 1987
  34. Simon H., Voss K., Wenzelides K., Hufnagl P. & Roth K.:
    Automated microscopic image analysis--a method for improved classification of malignant tumours and their preceding stages.
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  37. Willecke, K., Griegel, S., Martin, W., Traub, O., Schäfer, R.:
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  39. Zeumer B., Hoffmann F. & Hoffmann U.:
    [Post-traumatic exogenous osteomyelitis--experience in the treatment phase following debridement of the bone infection]
    Beitr Orthop Traumatol.: 34(2) 101-6, 1987