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Journalbeiträge 1988

aus dem Institut für Pathologie.

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  1. Behrens-Baumann W., Ecker S., Vogel M. & Ritter K.:
    [The so-called ocular histoplasmosis syndrome ]
    Klin Monatsbl Augenh: 192(4) 348-53, 1988
  2. Bender K., Bissbort S., Crone H., Senff H., Steiert A., Neumann H., Koch M., Nagel M. & Wienker T.F.:
    Linkage relations of JK, CO, KEL and IGK with each other and with AHCY.
    Hum Hered: 38(1) 12-7, 1988
  3. Brambilla E., Strohmenger L., Romeo E. & Vogel M.:
    [The use of agar replication technic in the study of the topographical distribution of cariogenic microflora in the human dentition]
    Stomatol Mediterr.: 8(2) 111-6, 1988
  4. Cerati M., Strohmenger L., Weinstein R. & Vogel M.:
    [Epidemiology of edentulism]
    Prev Assist Dent.: 14(2) 7-13, 1988
  5. Diesing L., Heydorn A.O., Matuschka F.R., Bauer C., Pipano E., de Waal D.T. & Potgieter F.T.:
    Besnoitia besnoiti: studies on the definitive host and experimental infections in cattle.
    Parasitol Res: 75(2) 114-7, 1988
  6. Fernandez-Britto J.E., Bacallao J., Carlevaro P.V., Campos R., Falcon L., Guski H. & Hufnagl P.:
    Coronary atherosclerotic lesion: its characterization applying an atherometric system, using discriminant analysis.
    Zentralbl Allg Pathol.: 134(3) 243-9, 1988
  7. Frei U., Nonnast-Daniel B. & Koch K.M.:
    [Erythropoietin and hypertension]
    Klin Wochenschr: 66(18) 914-9, 1988
  8. Frei U., Wilks M.F., Boehmer S., Crisp-Lindgren N., Schwarzrock R., Stiekema J.C. & Koch K.M.:
    Gastrointestinal blood loss in haemodialysis patients during use of a low-molecular-weight heparinoid anticoagulant.
    Nephrol Dial Transpl: 3(4) 435-9, 1988
  9. Garber J., Kriss M.R., Koch M. & Lindholm L.:
    Recurrent depression in adolescents: a follow-up study.
    J Am Acad Child Psy: 27(1) 49-54, 1988
  10. Grisk A., Hoffmann U. & Moritz K.U.:
    Subacute effects of propranolol and B 24/76 on isoproterenol-induced rat heart hypertrophy in correlation with blood pressure.
    Biomed Biochim Acta: 47(7) 681-8, 1988
  11. Gunther E., Vogel M., Hoyer H. & Bach K.:
    [On the coming out of male adolescents]
    Arztl Jugendkd.: 79(4) 207-14, 1988
  12. Guski H., Hufnagl P., Freitag A., Wenzelides K., Voss K. & Simon H.:
    Automated histometry in fibrocystic breast disease.
    Anal Quant Cytol: 10(2) 101-6, 1988
  13. Hahn M., Vogel M., Eckstein F., Pompesius-Kempa M. & Delling G.:
    [Bone structure changes in hip joint endoprosthesis implantation over the course of many years. A quantitative study]
    Chirurg: 59(11) 782-7, 1988
  14. Hamm C.W., Langes K., Vogel M., Schroder S. & Bleifeld W.:
    [Avulsion of a calcified leaflet as a complication of aortic valvuloplasty]
    Z Kardiol: 77(10) 674-7, 1988
  15. Hufnagl P., Wolf G., Wenzelides K., Martin H., Guski H. & Simon H.:
    Expert system for pathologists to generate an image analysis program for tumor grading.
    Exp Pathol.: 34(1) 29-34, 1988
  16. Jimenez E., Unger M., Vogel M., Lobeck H., Wagner G., Schwiermann J., Schafer A. & Grosch-Worner I.:
    [Morphologic studies of the placentas of HIV-positive mothers]
    Pathologe: 9(4) 228-34, 1988
  17. Johnston J., Reich S., Bailey A. & Sluetz J.:
    Shiley INFUSAID Pump technology.
    Ann Ny Acad Sci: 531 57-65, 1988
  18. Koch M., Jenkins H. & Gaedke H.:
    Risk factors of ovarian cancer of epithelial origin: a case control study.
    Cancer Detect Prev: 13(2) 131-6, 1988
  19. Koch M., McPhee M.S., Gaedke H. & Williams Y.:
    Five year follow-up of patients with cancer of the bladder--the Northern Alberta experience.
    Clin Invest Med: 11(4) 253-8, 1988
  20. Krempien B., Vukicevic S., Vogel M., Stavljenic A. & Buchele R.:
    Cellular basis of inflammation-induced osteopenia in growing rats.
    J Bone Miner Res: 3(5) 573-82, 1988
  21. Lampert F., Rudolph B., Christiansen H. & Franke F.:
    Identical chromosome 1p breakpoint abnormality in both the tumor and the constitutional karyotype of a patient with neuroblastoma.
    Cancer Genet Cytogen: 34(2) 235-9, 1988
  22. Mao Y., Semenciw R., Morrison H., Koch M., Hill G., Fair M. & Wigle D.:
    Survival rates among patients with cancer in Alberta in 1974-78.
    Can Med Assoc J: 138(12) 1107-13, 1988
  23. Roots I., Drakoulis N., Ploch M., Heinemeyer G., Loddenkemper R., Minks T., Nitz M., Otte F. & Koch M.:
    Debrisoquine hydroxylation phenotype, acetylation phenotype, and ABO blood groups as genetic host factors of lung cancer risk.
    Klin Wochenschr: 66 Suppl 11 87-97, 1988
  24. Rudolph B., Harbott J. & Lampert F.:
    Fragile sites and neuroblastoma: fragile site at 1p13.1 and other points on lymphocyte chromosomes from patients and family members.
    Cancer Genet Cytogen: 31(1) 83-94, 1988
  25. Schäfer, R., Iyer, J., Iten, E., Nirkko, A.C.:
  26. Partial reversion of the transformed phenotype in HRAS-transfected tumorigenic cells by transfer of a human gene.

    P Natl Acad Sci USA. 1988;85:1590-4.

  27. Schorn T., Frei U., Brackmann H., Lorenz M., Vogt P., Wiese B., Pichlmayr R. & Koch K.M.:
    Cyclosporine-associated posttransplant hypertension incidence and effect on renal transplant function.
    Transplant P: 20(3 Suppl 3) 610-4, 1988
  28. Schreier E., Ladhoff A.M., Stompor S. & Michel S.:
    Interaction between anti-influenza viral polymerase antibodies and RNP particles using the in vitro transcription process and an immunogold labelling technique.
    Acta Virol: 32(5) 403-8, 1988
  29. Seliger, B., Kruppa, G., Schäfer, R., Redmond, S.M.S., Pfizenmaier, K.:
  30. Gamma interferon regulates long terminal repeat-controlled oncogene expression in transformed mouse fibroblasts at the level of mRNA transcription.

    J Virol. 1988;62:619-21.

  31. Silber S., Vogler A.C., Spiegelsberger F., Vogel M. & Theisen K.:
    Antiischemic effects of a newly developed capsule containing 120 mg isosorbide dinitrate in sustained release form.
    Am J Cardiol: 61(15) 1352-3, 1988
  32. Silber S., Vogler A.C., Spiegelsberger F., Vogel M. & Theisen K.:
    The insufficient nitrate response: patients' characterization and response to beta and calcium blockade.
    Eur Heart J: 9 Suppl A 125-34, 1988
  33. Sodoyez-Goffaux F., Koch M., Dozio N., Brandenburg D. & Sodoyez J.C.:
    Advantages and pitfalls of radioimmune and enzyme linked immunosorbent assays of insulin antibodies.
    Diabetologia: 31(9) 694-702, 1988
  34. Sorgel H., Siegmund R. & Rudolph B.:
    [Motivation for alcoholism in females--a study from 2 Thuringen districts]
    Psychiatr Neurol Med Psychol Beih.: 39 99-100, 1988
  35. Speich R., Saesseli B., Hoffmann U., Neftel K.A. & Reichen J.:
    Anaphylactoid reactions after indocyanine-green administration [letter]
    Ann Intern Med: 109(4) 345-6, 1988
  36. Strohmenger L., Brioschi D. & Vogel M.:
    [Evaluation of community intervention in caries prevention]
    Minerva Stomatol.: 37(1) 1-6, 1988
  37. Theune A., Rockahr G.J. & Koch M.:
    [The ENS 01--a personally developed electric nerve stimulator for improving brachial plexus anesthesia]
    Anaesthesiol Reanim.: 13(4) 239-42, 1988
  38. Vogel M., Ecker S., Cieplik G. & Bernhardt G.:
    [Laser trabeculoplasty in glaucoma chronicum simplex. Results of a prospective, clinical study]
    Klin Monatsbl Augenh: 193(1) 8-15, 1988
  39. Vogel M., Smallhorn J.F., Freedom R.M., Coles J., Williams W.G. & Trusler G.A.:
    An echocardiographic study of the association of ventricular septal defect and right ventricular muscle bundles with a fixed subaortic abnormality.
    Am J Cardiol: 61(10) 857-60, 1988
  40. Weil J., Strom T.M., Heim J.M., Lang R.E., Schindler M., Haufe M., Vogel M. & Gerzer R.:
    Influence of diurnal rhythm, posture and right atrial size on plasma atrial natriuretic peptide levels.
    Z Kardiol: 77 Suppl 2 36-40, 1988