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Journalbeiträge 1989

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  1. Baum R.P., Hertel A., Lorenz M., Schwarz A., Encke A. & Hor G.:
    99Tcm-labelled anti-CEA monoclonal antibody for tumour immunoscintigraphy: first clinical results [published erratum appears in Nucl Med Commun 1989 Oct;10(10):772-3]
    Nucl Med Commun: 10(5) 345-52, 1989
  2. Baum R.P., Lorenz M., Hertel A., Baew-Christow T., Schwarz A. & Hor G.:
    [Successful immunoscintigraphic tumor detection with technetium 99m marked monoclonal anti-CEA antibodies]
    Onkologie: 12 Suppl 1 26-9, 1989
  3. Behrens-Baumann W., Quentin C.D., Eckhardt B. & Vogel M.:
    [Incidence of cystoid macular edema following cataract extraction]
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  4. Behrens-Baumann W., Quentin C.D., Eckhardt B. & Vogel M.:
    [Classification and importance of cystoid macular edema in pseudophakia]
    Klin Monatsbl Augenh: 194(1) 16-21, 1989
  5. Bender K., Senff H., Steiert A., Lagodny H., Wienker T.F. & Koch M.:
    Linkage studies of Myotonia congenita and Paramyotonia congenita.
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  6. Bollinger A., Pfister G., Hoffmann U. & Franzeck U.K.:
    Fluorescence microlymphography in chronic venous incompetence.
    Int Angiol: 8(4 Suppl) 23-6, 1989
  7. Breitenbach M., Achatz G., Heger S., Hufnagl P., Wallner J., Eichler M., Spevak W., Schweiger C. & Rumpold H.:
    [What is the contribution of yeast genetics to tumor biology and tumor diagnosis?]
    Wien Klin Wochenschr: 101(15) 495-504, 1989
  8. Burckhardt G., Luck G., Zimmer C., Storl J., Krowicki K. & Lown J.W.:
    Variation of DNA sequence specificity of DNA-oligopeptide binding ligands related to netropsin: imidazole-containing lexitropsins.
    Biochim Biophys Acta: 1009(1) 11-8, 1989
  9. Busch G., Hoder D., Reutter W. & Tauber R.:
    Selective isolation of individual cell surface proteins from tissue culture cells by a cleavable biotin label.
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  10. Chen L.S., Ebel S., Hoffmann U. & Osterwald H.P.:
    [Determination of the release of drugs from transdermal therapeutic systems. Presentation of a new release system]
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    The influence of parity and exogenous female hormones on the risk of colorectal cancer.
    Int J Cancer: 43(4) 587-90, 1989
  12. Degener J.E., Vogel M., Michel M.F., Mutsaers M.M. & Hop W.C.:
    The efficacy of the combination of teicoplanin or flucloxacillin with netilmicin in the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia.
    J Antimicrob Chemoth: 23(6) 899-904, 1989
  13. Delling G., Dreyer T., Vogel M., Hahn M., Rittinghaus E.F. & Hesch R.D.:
    Morphological analysis of iliac crest bone biopsies in patients with osteoporosis and treatment according to the ADFR concept with (1-38)hPTH and diphosphonate (EHDP)--Osteoporosis Study I, Hannover.
    Klin Wochenschr: 67(10) 556, 1989
  14. Douard H., Koch M., Laporte T., Abella M.L., Provendier O. & Broustet J.P.:
    Anti-ischemic effects of celiprolol in patients with exercise-induced angina pectoris.
    Int J Cardiol: 25(1) 63-8, 1989
  15. Fernandez-Britto J.E., Falcon L., Campos R., Guski H. & Hufnagl P.:
    Coronary atherosclerosis in sudden death: a comparative study applying an atherometric system.
    Gegenbaurs Morphol Jahrb.: 135(1) 183-4, 1989
  16. Fleige B., Pickartz H. & Stein H.:
    [Comparison of the receptor content and growth fraction of breast cancers and their axillary lymph node metastases]
    Pathologe: 10(1) 12-5, 1989
  17. Franzeck U.K., Huch A., Hoffmann U., Huch R. & Bollinger A.:
    [A new triple probe for simultaneous measurement of transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure in combination with laser Doppler flowmetry and dynamic fluorescence videomicroscopy]
    Vasa Suppl.: 27 55-7, 1989
  18. Fuchs C. & Schwabe M.:
    [Transient paralysis of the phrenic nerve following puncture of the internal jugular vein]
    Anaesthesiol Reanim.: 14(1) 55-8, 1989
  19. Grimm W.D., Curth K., Koch M., Nossek H., Uhlmann S. & Walther C.:
    [Clinically controlled, integrated study on plaque inhibition with zinc-fluoride-hexetidin]
    Stomatol DDR.: 39(1) 16-20, 1989
  20. Grutzner P. & Vogel M.:
    [Tuberculosis of the conjunctiva and eyelids]
    Klin Monatsbl Augenh: 194(4) 270-2, 1989
  21. Guski H., Hufnagl P., Freitag A. & Winzer K.J.:
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    Gegenbaurs Morphol Jahrb.: 135(1) 39-53, 1989
  22. Guyton R., Corbin S., Zimmer C., O'Donnell M., Chervin D.D., Conant-Sloane B. & Chamberlain M.D.:
    College students and national health objectives for the year 2000: a summary report.
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    Gegenbaurs Morphol Jahrb.: 135(1) 145-50, 1989
  24. Hufnagl P., Guski H., Wolf G., Wenzelides K., Martin H. & Roth K.:
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  25. Hufnagl P. & Wenzelides K.:
    [Methods of characterizing histological sections based on the AMBA/R system]
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  26. Iglesias-Rozas J.R., Kroh H., Sauer E. & Sarioglu N.:
    Disseminated melanomatosis of the central nervous system and other organs: a case report.
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    Functional aspects of three molecules associated with metastasis development in human malignant melanoma.
    Invas Metast: 9(6) 338-50, 1989
  28. Koch M.:
    Re: Events of Reproductive Life and the Incidence of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer [letter]
    Am J Epidemiol: 129(4) 861-3, 1989
  29. Koch M., Gaedke H. & Jenkins H.:
    Family history of ovarian cancer patients: a case-control study.
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    Paramyotonia congenita and myotonic dystrophy are not allelic disorders.
    Cytogenet Cell Genet: 50(2-3) 176-7, 1989
  31. Koch M., Thomas B., Tschope W. & Ritz E.:
    Diabetes mellitus accounts for an ever-increasing proportion of the patients admitted for renal replacement therapy [letter]
    Nephrol Dial Transpl: 4(5) 399, 1989
  32. Krug M., Koch M., Schoof E., Wagner M. & Matthies H.:
    Methylglucamine orotate, a memory-improving drug, prolongs hippocampal long-term potentiation.
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    Recognition of cyclic transmission of Sarcocystis stehlinii n. sp. in the Gran Canarian giant lizard.
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    [Surgical treatment of renovascular hypertension in children]
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    The predictive value of chorionic villus histology for identifying chromosomally normal and abnormal spontaneous abortions.
    Hum Genet: 82(4) 373-6, 1989
  37. Petersen I., Rosenfalck A.M. & Hansen E.S.:
    [Dietary treatment of patients with lymphangiomyoma]
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    DNA binding protein from Streptomyces hygroscopicus: detection of binding by gel retardation, sedimentation and effects on the transcriptional activity in vitro.
    Biomed Biochim Acta: 48(9) 633-43, 1989
  39. Stern H., Vogel M., Emmrich P. & Buhlmeyer K.:
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    Z Kardiol: 78(10) 674-9, 1989
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    [Intravital measurement of transcutaneous oxygen diffusion distance in healthy patients]
    Vasa Suppl.: 27 51-4, 1989
  41. Vogel M., Benson L.N., Burrows P., Smallhorn J.F. & Freedom R.M.:
    Balloon dilatation of congenital aortic valve stenosis in infants and children: short term and intermediate results [see comments]
    Br Heart J: 62(2) 148-53, 1989
  42. Vogler A.C., Silber S., Vogel M. & Theisen K.:
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    Z Kardiol: 78 Suppl 2 183-7; discussion 188-9, 1989
  43. Weyer U., Petersen I., Ehrke C., Carstensen A., Nussgen A., Russ C., Gottsch B., Kowalzick L., Arndt R. & Breitbart E.W.:
    [Immunomodulation by cryosurgery in malignant melanoma]
    Onkologie: 12(6) 291-6, 1989
  44. Winzer K.J., Dalluge K.H., Frohberg H.D. & Guski H.:
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