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Journalbeiträge 1992

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  1. Abdelkhirane C., Roudaut R., Koch M., Barbeau P., Durandet P., Gosse P., Leherissier A., Billes M.A. & Dallocchio M.:
    [Relative value of attenuation and negativation of systolic pulmonary venous flow in severe mitral insufficiency. Transesophageal echocardiographic study]
    Arch Mal Coeur Vaiss: 85(6) 823-9, 1992
  2. Ackermann H., Vogel M., Petersen D. & Poremba M.:
    Speech deficits in ischaemic cerebellar lesions.
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  3. Aoyama, A., Fröhli, E., Stark, G., Schäfer, R., Klemenz, R.:

    Acquisition of thermotolerance mediated by *B-crystallin in mouse NIH 3T3 fibroblasts.

    Mol Cell Biol. 1992;13:1824-35.

  4. Arabin B., Jimenez E., Vogel M. & Weitzel H.K.:
    Relationship of utero- and fetoplacental blood flow velocity wave forms with pathomorphological placental findings.
    Fetal Diagn Ther: 7(3-4) 173-9, 1992
  5. Backé E., Jimenez E., Unger M., Schafer A., Jauniaux E. & Vogel M.:
    Demonstration of HIV-1 infected cells in human placenta by in situ hybridisation and immunostaining.
    J Clin Pathol: 45(10) 871-4, 1992
  6. Beinder E., Hoffmann U., Franzeck U.K., Huch A., Huch R. & Bollinger A.:
    Laser Doppler technique for the measurement of digital and segmental systolic blood pressure.
    Vasa-J Vascular Dis: 21(1) 15-21, 1992
  7. Borges A.C., Berndt H., Wermke W., Syre U., Stotzer D., Meyer R., Rudolph B., Wildner G.P., Schentke K.U. & Lehmann H.U.:
    [42-year-old patient with fever and weight loss of unknown origin]
    Z Arztl Fortbild Jena.: 86(19) 981-6, 1992
  8. Bunikowski R., Estermann J. & Koch M.A.:
    [AIDS in Germany: clinical manifestations of AIDS]
    Med Klin: 87(1) 1-7, 1992
  9. Figols J., Zimmer C., Warzok R. & Cervos-Navarro J.:
    Immuno-lectin histochemistry and ultrastructure in two cases of globoid cell leukodystrophy (Krabbe's disease).
    Clin Neuropathol: 11(6) 312-7, 1992
  10. Gottschalk J., Goebel S., Jautzke G., Martin H., Zimmer C., Marzheuser-Brands S. & Cervos-Navarro J.:
    Influence of preoperative dexamethasone therapy on proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) expression in comparison to other parameters in meningiomas.
    Histol Histopathol: 7(4) 653-61, 1992
  11. Gottschalk J., Jautzke G. & Zimmer C.:
    [Changes of microenvironment and tumor cell heterogeneity--consequences for bioptic diagnosis]
    Acta Histochem Suppl: 42 149-54, 1992
  12. Gottschalk J., Jautzke G., Zimmer C., Paulus W. & Cervos-Navarro J.:
    [HEA125 and BerEP4 in neuro-oncologic differential diagnosis]
    Pathologe: 13(2) 95-9, 1992
  13. Gunther E., Hoyer H., Vogel M., Broening T. & Schaum B.:
    [Homosexuality in childhood and adolescence]
    Kinderarztl Prax: 60(3) 81-5, 1992
  14. Hahn M., Vogel M., Pompesius-Kempa M. & Delling G.:
    Trabecular bone pattern factor--a new parameter for simple quantification of bone microarchitecture.
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    [Histologic reactions of the bone-implant zone and cortical bone area after long-term hip replacement]
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  16. Harn D.A., Gu W., Oligino L.D., Mitsuyama M., Gebremichael A. & Richter D.:
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    J Immunol: 148(2) 562-7, 1992
  17. Hazelrigg T. & Petersen S.:
    An unusual genomic position effect on Drosophila white gene expression: pairing dependence, interactions with zeste, and molecular analysis of revertants.
    Genetics: 130(1) 125-38, 1992
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    Dynamic linearity of VO2 responses during aerobic exercise.
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  19. Hoffmann U., Franzeck U.K. & Bollinger A.:
    [Laser-Doppler technique in diseases of peripheral blood vessels]
    Deut Med Wochenschr: 117(49) 1889-97, 1992
  20. Hoffmann U., Schneider E. & Bollinger A.:
    Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) of the deep femoral artery.
    Vasa-J Vascular Dis: 21(1) 69-75, 1992
  21. Imianitov E.N., Chernitsa O.I., Nikiforova I.F., Titov K.V., Khanson K.P. & Kniazev P.G.:
    [The search for amplification of the ERBB-2 oncogene in human tumors]
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    Rare occurrence of amplification of HER-2 (erbB-2/neu) oncogene in ovarian cancer patients.
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    [Enhanced lymphocyte proliferation in the presence of epidermal cells of HIV-infected patients in vitro]
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    [Complex characteristics of the alterations of oncogenes HER-2/ERBB-2, HER-1/ERBB-1, HRAS-1, C-MYC and antioncogenes p53, RB1, as well as deletions of loci of chromosome 17 in colon carcinoma]
    Mol Biol (Mosk): 26(5) 1134-47., 1992
  27. Kunze J., Huber-Schumacher S. & Vogel M.:
    VACTERL plus hydrocephalus: a monogenic lethal condition [letter]
    Eur J Pediatr: 151(6) 467-8, 1992
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    Paramyosin inhibits complement C1.
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  30. Luck G., Storl J., Baguley B. & Zimmer C.:
    DNA binding of the nonintercalative ligands SN-6132, SN-6131 and SN-6113: minor variations of the ligand structure may cause changes in the base pair preference.
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    [AgNOR in neurooncology]
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  33. Matuschka F.R., Fischer P., Heiler M., Blumcke S. & Spielman A.:
    Stage-associated risk of transmission of the Lyme disease spirochete by European Ixodes ticks.
    Parasitol Res: 78(8) 695-8, 1992
  34. Matuschka F.R., Fischer P., Heiler M., Richter D. & Spielman A.:
    Capacity of European animals as reservoir hosts for the Lyme disease spirochete [published erratum appears in J Infect Dis 1992 Jun;165(6):1172]
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    Loss of Lyme disease spirochetes from Ixodes ricinus ticks feeding on European blackbirds.
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  37. Minguillon C., Friedmann W., Vogel M., Wessel J. & Lichtenegger W.:
    Muzinöse Metaplasie der Tubenschleimhaut als Ursache eines Pseudomyxoma peritonei
    Zentralbl Pathol.: 138(5) 363-5, 1992
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    Inactivation of the fis gene leads to reduced growth rate.
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    Age-related immunoreactivity pattern in medulloblastoma.
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  40. Reipert B., Scheuch C., Lukowsky A., Reinke P., Fietze E., Docke W.D., Staffa G., Czerlinksi S., Hetzer R. & Volk H.D.:
    CD3+ CD57+ lymphocytes are not likely to be involved in antigen-specific rejection processes in long-term allograft recipients.
    Clin Exp Immunol: 89(1) 143-7, 1992
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    Biochem J: 284 ( Pt 3) 621-4, 1992
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